New DAB Custom Colour Schemes for MS PowerPoint, Word, & Excel

New DAB Custom Colour Schemes for MS PowerPoint, Word, & Excel

NEW! DAB Custom Colour Schemes for PowerPoint, Word, & Excel

Supercharge your PowerPoint slides, Word documents, and Excel sheets with designer-curated colour schemes that look perfect on screen and on paper.

240 Beautiful Swatches

240 colour swatches with more than 2,180 unique colours; all you will ever need for whatever project you have in mind.

Warm Swatches
Mixed Swatches
Cool Swatches

Find Your Perfect Personality & Mood

Mix and match colours that always play well together to nail that perfect look and feel.

Psst… In case you were wondering: YES, was designed using one of our own colour swatches!

Swatch: DAB-warm-054

Find Your Perfect Personality & Mood for your PowerPoint, Word, & Excel Projects.

What’s REALLY Special: All Colours Are RGB & CMYK Safe

The colours you see on screen…

RGB: 233,237,242

RGB: 245,235,44

RGB: 247,198,32

RGB: 189,40,45

RGB: 46,90,148

…stay exactly the same when you print them.

CMYK: 4,2,0,5

CMYK: 0,4,82,4

CMYK: 0,20,87,3

CMYK: 0,79,76,26

CMYK: 69,39,0,42

So no matter which DAB swatch you choose, you can be sure your colours will turn out exactly the way you want.

Good With Graphics

Typography, Icons, Graphs, and Vectors
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Good With Images

Photography, Video, and Images
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Get the Complete DAB Custom Colour Scheme Pack, Absolutely Free.

Use by you in a single end product which end users may or may not be charged for. May not be resold, redistributed, or repackaged in any shape, channel, or form for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

✔ 240 custom colour schemes in one pack.
✔ No software installation needed.
✔ Just download the .zip file, unzip, copy, and paste to work.
✔ Once done, syncs automatically with Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, & Excel.

Before you download, check out our 3-step guide.


Step 1: Download the DAB colour scheme pack from Google Drive


Step 2: Copy the DAB colour schemes into the Microsoft document themes folder


Step 3: Use the DAB colour schemes in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, & Excel